Teckedin FAQs

TeckedIn was launched to provide a secure, private place for the sharing of technology information and knowledge. Our platform gives vendors and their partners a new way to showcase solutions and expertise, without being buried in searches and social media feeds.

What makes your platform unique?

  • Company Profile page to highlight your capabilities and expertise.
  • Unlimited content upload; Blogs, whitepapers, case studies, training.
  • Even playing field. No one can pay for top visibility or placement.

Can I search by content and tech category?

  • Yes, we have a filter tool that lets you search by categories, content, product name and more.
  • You can also search by a case study or a lesson learned.
  • We also have a knowledgebase that runs inside the platform for additional content and resources.

How does Teckedin make money and how can it help the Vendors/Partners make money?

  • Vendors/Resellers can pay a flat monthly fee to share their content and company profile. No click fees, unlimited content.
  • Vendors/Partners can be set up for a referral plan. Teckedin will put all content in and will receive leads. If a sale results, Teckedin will be paid a referral fee.
  • We will have one ad running on our Tech news and Webinar pages. These pages are promoted daily on Linkedin and Twitter to over 5000 connections.

Contact us at 505-250-0986 or info@teckedin.com