"Awesome! This will save technology workers many hours! The brilliance of this project is that it brings us information direct from vendors without receiving follow up phone calls, and filling our email inbox with email."

Director, Information Systems Services, Ft. Worth, Texas

"The application looks good, and I like that I don't have to provide my personal info each time I want to download an article."

Chief Information Officer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I signed up today. Nice platform. Lots of info. Great idea."

Chief Information Officer, Durango, Colorado

"My thoughts- Great concept, could come in very handy for those seeking technology solutions. The features within such as being able to email something to someone and mark favorites are nice to have. The fact it's free for users is of course a big plus."

Senior Process Analyst, Durango, Colorado

"Yes, it would be helpful if it had good search criteria (by technology, vendor / manufacturer, provider address, etc.)....oh yeah, and I didn't get unwanted "SPAM" from the system."

Chief Information Officer, Albuquerque, New Mexico