Teckedin FAQs

TeckedIn was launched to provide a secure, private place to learn about Business solutions and Vendor Partners, without marketing pressure or the need to give your personal information in exchange for content.

What makes your platform unique?

  • Each user has a personal vault for saving content for future reference.
  • You will never be asked for your personal information to view content.
  • Need some research done and short on resources? Send it our way.
  • Research projects will be saved to a knowledgbase, allowing members to learn from peers and get research 24 hours a day.

Can I search by content and tech category?

  • Yes, we have a filter tool that lets you search by categories, content, product name and more.
  • You can also search by a case study or a lesson learned.

Once I sign up, will I see advertisements or get email pitches from solution providers?

  • Our site has no ads. Solution providers cannot pay extra to have their content take priority.
  • No one knows if you view their content, save it or add a solution to your favorite list. You are anonymous until you choose not to be.

Why would I go to Teckedin when there are numerous other technology sites that are well established?

  • We help with your research needs such as RFP, RFI, vendor and product short listing and vetting.
  • Contribute your Lessons Learned to help others.
  • Non-social environment - Zero distractions. You search, view and learn in a private environment.

Contact us at 505-250-0986 or info@teckedin.com