Teckedin is a Tech Content Library. One place that you can go to for reading and learning without noise or interruptions

Most of us spend hours a day looking for information. It can feel like a crapshoot. Just when you see something of interest, it disappears in the feed. Or you click on it but it won't let you view it without giving up personal information.

We built our platform to help our members get to the information they need quickly and without sales pressure.

Founder's Comments

I love technology and enjoy learning about new solutions and services and sharing those with my customers and peers. My background is in the document capture and document management.

I created teckedin.com for a couple of reasons.

As a small solution provider, it is difficult to drive traffic to your website. I wanted a place where there was an even playing field.

I also wanted a place where we can learn about new solutions without any sales pressure — a place where the users drive engagement and not the other way around.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is one of my platform's categories, along with AI, RPA, machine learning, data storage, data management, cloud, analytics, and more.

The more each of us shares our knowledge and expertise, the more we learn.

Thank you for giving us a try!